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Hervey the Furious, the most dashing pirate on the high seas!

What's wrong? Too THRILLED to speak?!

6 August 1989
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What's wrong? Too THRILLED to speak?
Hervey can be considered a bit of a wild card to people -- you either love him or you hate him. At times much too loud and much too concerned with being the better man, Hervey is always eager to prove his worth in battle, and he's even quicker to run his mouth off when things irritate him. Best friends with Sigurd, the brains of the two, Hervey generally requires the off-set in personality that his friend provides to keep him out of trouble.

Once a lone pirate, with the absurdly cliche name of Hervey the Furious, he joined up with Lady Kika after an unfortunate encounter with the infamous pirate, Steele. He's her right-hand man, and is always behind her every step of the way.

His stay at Budehuc has been lively and eventful. He makes it a hobby to annoy his buddies, Juan, Sigurd, Troy and Nash, and he makes it even more of a hobby to antagonize his long-standing rival, Jeremy. He also has a dog, Little Hervey, who's honestly a pretty damn big dog now. Asides from his usual socializing and friendly bantering, Hervey also works casually as a mercenary, taking jobs here and there to keep himself living comfortably. He seems to have made a habit of getting stabbed by villians and ending up the infirmary, as well as hitting on anything that looks relatively easy on the eyes and is in his age range.

He has morals. Some. He'll speak out when and if he doesn't like you, which could be often. But he's a friendly guy.
Age: 29
Birthdate: August 6th, IS 282
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 170cm
Weight: 84kg
Occupation: Pirate
× Island Liberation War
× Fall of Kooluk
× Adonis Attack
× Pirate Attack
× Pirate Band Attack
Naval War: Captain
× Mobility +10
× Range +1
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Weapon: Blood Sword
Fighting style: Aggressive, fast, not-so-accurate, but damaging
× Fire Rune
× Viper Rune
Favourite Food: Steak, broiled fish
Favourite Colour: Red
Chimou Star (Ferocious)
Those born under the Chimou Star are gifted with a sense of duty and compassion; often, those born under the Chimou Star are often highly passionate and loyal people. As such, it is unsurprising that a great many of those born under this Star enter military service, particularily in the knighthood; even those who do not are often called to importance through the defense of their passions.

These stars are often upset about unjustices seen or committed, and tend to have highly moral viewpoints on how to proceed in life. Through their occupation, those born under the Chimou Star often seem to have a connection with those born under the Chiki Star, usually in some form of well-complemented partnership.
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