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[ ANONYMOUS ] - How's my characterisation?

Well, I had to bite on this thing sooner or later.

Comments, criticism and thoughts on how I play Hervey, anyone? What do you want to see, what do you expect, what do you like and hate, or what do you think I'm bad or good at? I want to know how I'm doing and if I'm butchering his character or not.

Comments are screened and IP logging is off, so feel free to write whatever you want. I can take it~

OOC: Impressions Meme

Hervey is a sheep to Juan's shenanigans. And not a sheep in the NZ way, thank you!

Leave a comment and Hervey will tell you the crazy thoughts he has in his head about you.

Edit: Oh my god, this is the long and extended version of Hervey's crazy thoughts, apparently.


[ LOG ] - Infirmary - Aila & Jewel

Who: Aila, Jewel, Hervey
Where: The Infirmary
When: About a week back! ... I fail at posting logs, augh!
What: After Hervey gets skewered by Yuber, he lands in the infirmary in the care of two lovely ladies.

Those were the people that we fought against in the Second Fire Bringer War. And they're all here. And they're all still evil.Collapse )


Who: Lazlo, Hervey, Elza, Kika, Shoon
Where: Vinay del Zexay
What: Hervey goes to seek out his Captain at Vinay, dragging along a few companions who have business of their own to conduct.
When: After Hervey's post and before Shoon's post. D:

I wasn't expecting such a crowd. Quite the pleasant surprise.Collapse )


Time to get moving.

Man am I glad these shenanigans concernin' the Sun Rune are over with. Heh, being 'round here for a few years is seriously starting to make me hate True Runes. All they are is damn trouble! The Punishment Rune, the Beast Rune, and now this... But then again, runes full stop are bloody trouble. Fix the problem I get with hurting every damn time I get a nice little drop of kindness and maybe I'll change my mind on that one.

Anyway, I'll quit whining about runes and get to the point. I'm gonna' start making my way to Vinay in a couple of days. I'll only be there for a day or two, so if you have some quick business to take care of there, give me a yell, yeah? Think of this as an... 'open invitation' for people to drag their asses along. The only requirements for comin' with me are that you better not slow me down, and you can't be a little goody-two-shoes. Got it?

I won't be gone long, so save all those goodbye hugs and kisses up and I'll collect when I get back~

... Vinay's as good a place to start as any, I guess...

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Ugh... no one make any sudden movements! ... I get pretty goddamn agitated when I'm hungover, so I'll pull a bloody sword out on you if you do anything funny. I'm not even joking, so don't push your freakin' luck, alright? Man, my head...

... Anyway, you know that thing everyone's been signin' up for on the bulletin board 'round here? Guess who you gotta' thank or blame?~ Yours truly, 'course. I was thinkin', well, this year, the decos have been kinda' slow and not much's happening. And since I did it last year, I figured, hey. Free presents. Why the hell not? It's also a great excuse to keep my mind off all that snow. Plus, you can now officially call me the Joy Bringer. 'cause I'm bringing joy to everyone by doing this, right? Right??

... ...

I'm really freakin' hungry...

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*in pigtails, gritting his teeth a little as he sings with a pretty average singing voice*

♫ Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb... ♪ Mary had a little lamb, who lived on dry--

--AUGH, why do I keep putting my badassery on the line!? This sucks...! If I was a guy looking at me now? I would totally hit on myself...!

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